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Essential Skills Requirements
Nonfiction Academic Vocabulary Pretest
"Can Animals Think?" - (Reading, Assessment, Vocabulary Lesson, 45-90 min)
Can Animals Think? - Comprehension Questions
"Can Animals Think?" Vocabulary Development
"Can Animals Think?" - Wrapping Up
The Art of Summary Presentation (with Assessment)
The Art of Summary
"The Ways We Lie" by Stephanie Ericsson (reading, notes, summary, ~90-120 min)
Cornell Notes & Google Docs (How-To, ~15 min)
Radio Lab "Deception" (Audio, Notes, ~90 min)
RadioLab - "Deception"
But What Do You Mean? (Reading Notes, ~90 mins)
The Anecdotes So Far...
What I Should Have Said (Audio, Cornell Notes, ~90 mins.)
So You've Been Publicly Shamed
The Girl Who Wouldn't Talk (Reading, Vocabulary, Comprehension Assessment, ~60-90 mins.)
The Girl Who Wouldn't Talk - Vocabulary
The Girl Who Wouldn't Talk - Comprehension Assessment
Essay - Discourse (Halfway there!)
Synthesizing Sources (Double Daddy, Mad Blender, Child's View ~90 min)
Synthesizing Sources - Comprehension Assessment
I Want a Wife
Dear John Letter
The Men We Carry in Our Minds
Our Barbies, Ourselves
The Androgynous Man
Final Paper
Final Quiz