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Class Expectations
My Information
Pre Self-Assessment
Ch 1: Before You Begin to Design
Photoshop Lesson 1: Getting to know the work area
Using Filters
Using Adjustment Layers
Practice with Masks
Photoshop Lesson 1: Getting to know the work area
Repairing Photos - Practice
Photoshop Lesson 3: Selections
Photoshop Lesson 3: Retouching & Repairing
Photoshop Lesson 2: Basic Photo Corrections
Photoshop Lesson 4: Layers
Photoshop Lesson 6: Masks and Channels
Photoshop Lesson 8: Vector Drawing
Illustrator Lesson 3: Creating Shapes
Pen Tool Practice
Photoshop Lesson 10: Advanced Compositing
Illustrator Lesson 5: Pen Tool
Independent Work
Make Selections and Alter the Selected Areas
Practice with Paths
Creating Circular Designs with Shapes
Raster vs. Vector
Color Theory & Composition
Using the Color Guide in Illustrator
Color Theory
Quiz Review
Final Writing
B Quiz - New
Saving Images for the Web and for Print